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It’s not like I wanted to give it to him. I didn’t want him to have it at all. But I couldn’t stop myself from giving it to him. I kept trying to convince myself that it was all going to be ok if I gave it to him. “Give it to me.” He pleaded “I don’t know, my mother bought it for me.” I said. ” I know you hate that thing, I don’t understand why you won’t give it to me.” He was right. I hated it. It gave me nightmares. I had to keep it as far away from me as possible in order to sleep at night. “I suppose you could have it.” I gave him the necklace.

Despite the necklace being twenty miles away from me, I was still fearful of it. I was worried that the necklace would cause him the same sorrows it had caused me. Eventually my fear consumed me, and I called him and asked him to return the necklace. He said he couldn’t until tommorow, which left me to wait the night out in fear.

I decided to sit in the living room and watch television until morning when I would drive to his place and retrieve the necklace. I sat there for a few hours, my nerves unable to calm, when I heard a whisper in my ear. “Have you met the devil?” I quickly turned around to find the source of the voice, and saw nothing. After staring into the darkness for a few moments, petrified with fear, I calmed down a bit and convinced myself it was my imagination. I sat back down on the couch and stayed silent. After a while, the tv went dark completely and I was left with out light. I began to panic but still stayed still. Suddenly, as I was sitting there I saw a face appear in front of me. It was bleeding from it’s empty eye sockets, it’s mouth agape as if it was screaming in terror and agony. As quickly as the face appeared, it was gone. I sat breathless with fear. Beneath my feet, a dark hole opened up and I felt myself pushed into it. I felt the terror in me as I fell towards the unknown horrors awaiting me at the end of the fall. I hit the ground with a painful feeling. I lifted myself up and sat up straight. Then, I tried to stand up, but there was too much agony so I collapsed. After once again sitting myself up, I felt for my legs. I wasn’t able to see anything, but I could feel the bone jutting from my broken legs. I sat their, not sure what to do, not sure what was happening. As I sat, my vision began to adjust to the darkness surrounding me. I wish it hadn’t. I saw the same face I had seen earlier, this time with a body. It’s legs were broken as well, and some of it’s fingers were missing, although it was hard to make out how many exactly. When it saw me, it began to crawl toward me, using it’s arms and hands to drag itself. I heard it release the most terrible wail of despair I had ever heard. I crawled away fearing it.Unfourtunately I was not fast enough, and it grabbed on to my leg. I stopped, and it continued to drag itself towards me causing slight pain in my leg. Once it’s horrid face was directly in front of me, it began to say something, however it was unintelligible. Despite my fear, I was able to ask what it said. The next time he spoke, I heard it with clarity. “Welcome to hell. I am the devil”

I must find waldo

I am motherfucking idiot

i van ask myself questions? ooohhh



I stood in the alley, waiting for The Strangers arrival. The more sensible part of my mind was telling me that the stranger wouldn’t fulfill his end of the bargain. But, the sensible part also told me that he cant do anything much worse than that. So I decided to stay and wait for him. Although, I was so tempted to leave. The Stranger was 30 minutes late, and there was the risk of the cops spotting me. I began to doze off, when the whirring of a helicopter not more than 30 feet above woke me up. I watched as it flew past the alley. Then, a ladder dropped from the helicopter and a figure climbed down. When the figure reached the end of the ladder, it jumped and landed in front of me. It was obvious that the figure in front of me was The Stranger. He had long, gray, filthy hair. His teeth were yellow, and many were cracked, but none had fallen out. He wore a black leather jacket over a bulletproof vest, and he wore dress pants and shoes, which were always untied. The stranger looked up at me, and his red eyes frightened me. I expected him to pull out a gun and kill me. “I don’t like to use guns, they make it harder for me to drink the precious red liquid that keeps you humans alive” I was, and still am, quite certain that I hadn’t said anything about my thoughts involving him and a gun. But he knew I was thinking it. Somehow he knew. “Now, how about we complete this transaction, and I’ll be on my way” he said, sounding eager. Whatever he wanted from me, I knew I wouldnt get anything in return, except for death. Suddenly, The Stranger lunged at me, with arms outstretched. Within moments, he was on top of me, clawing at my shoulder. soon enough, he dug his claws all the way into my flesh, and rapidly tore my left arm off. Before I could scream, he stabbed my throat with the claws on his free hand. A red fountain coming from my throat blurred my view of the person, or thing, in front of me. I looked to my left, where my arm used to be, and saw ragged bits of flesh hanging from my shoulder. A large chunk of the bone was jutting out from the stump, and blood continued to spray with alot of pressure. Then, I saw The Stranger grab hold of the bone sticking out and he rapidly and forcefully pulled the bone out from my shoulder, tearing out ligaments and bits of muscle. The Stranger then stuck his claw and his hand deeper into the wound, continuosly clawing and breaking any bones that got in the way of his hand. Eventually, he reached my ribcage, and proceeded to pull and break evry rib until he was able to grab my still beating heart. When his fingers were rapped tightly around my heart, I felt him jerk his arm back forcefully enough that the heart became detached from everything within my body. Then, he took a thin needle from his pocket, and punctured my heart. A small stream of blood began to spew from my heart,and then the stranger placed his lips around the hole, and drank my blood. The blood from my neck had stopped spewing, and I could see The Stranger clearly now. He looked at me with his red eyes, then placed his hand on the top of my head. He gripped my head with his claws, and then, in a vey swift movement, tore my head off, bringing along my spine as well. Blood began to spew from my neck again, and my torso, having no more support, fell over. Then, every part of my body began to move on it’s own, my remainig arms and my legs tearing themselves from my torso. they started to attack each other clawing at each other. Eventually, they all simply died. The Stranger pulled out sone surgical scissors, and proceeded to remove my spine from my head. After having done so, he threw my head to the ground, very hard. I heard my skull cracking and felt my brains spill on the cold cement. Then, my eyes closesd, and I was dead.

I’m sure your expecting me to wake up now, so I realize it was all just a nightmare. But I cant wake up from a nightmare. I am the nightmare.

Now, wake up!

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i knew it was you, daxx. i just don't like you.

I think your lying but, the feeling is mutual nonetheless. Now, I have to be a nuisance elsewhere